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Gravitas receives Rogovy Foundation Grant

Miller / Packan Film Fund grant is awarded to Sorted.

Our heartfelt thanks to The Rogovy Foundation for their grant in support of Sorted.

We are particularly excited and honored to receive Rogovy's Miller/Packan Film Fund grant due to who it is named after: "Who are Sally Miller & Mae Packan? It’s nearly certain you’ve never heard of these outstanding educators. Locally, they left a mark on several generations of high school students. Yet there are no major awards given to them, no buildings named after them, not a statue nor even a plaque. Like many exceptional educators, their impact goes largely unrecognized.

It’s in their honor, and in honor of all the other exceptional yet unheralded educators, that we dedicate this Fund. The Miller / Packan Film Fund supports documentaries that perpetuate the Idealism and Critical Thinking they brought to their students."

Ms. Mae Packan Mrs. Sally Miller

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